Book a limo for all parties!

Planning your big day? Spare yourself the tears and budget for a limousine for both the bridal and groom parties.

Why? Because your trusty, cramped Honda Civic won’t cut it. Everyone must rely on safe, timely and roomy transportation to and from the church and reception.

Limo services are experienced in providing dependable transport on time for a variety of occasions; of these, they average roughly 500 weddings a year.

These services are licensed, bonded and insured and they secure service maintenance on their vehicles, right down to the functionality of the air conditioner on a hot day for a June wedding.

Chauffeurs master the travel routes of their customers ahead of time. Aside from providing a clean, smooth, consistent ride on the day of, these drivers are trained to anticipate your needs in advance from moment to moment — from offering a towel to clean a bride’s dress to playing a CD to create a mood.

Thus, bride and groom are waited on hand and foot and treated like royalty on their special day and anyone connected to either one bear no hurt feelings as they are all included.

And, yes, this means all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, in-laws and out-of-town guests. No one is left out; everyone gets to watch you walk down that aisle.

In that case, you may need to schedule multiple limos. No matter the number, the livery industry recommends booking six months in advance.

What’s part of your package? Unlimited stops and pick-up sites, a bar with drinks — with water, ice and soda — free beer and a bottle of champagne are already included. A “Just Married Sign” or a roll of the red carpet cost extra.

So, go ahead and make a line item for the limo. Or limos. And create lasting memories. You won’t regret it.